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We’re doing a swap meet!! Swap anything, swap your Hulk Hogan shawl for my Eastpak promotional Rolex.


Watch Scott and Charlene’s Wedding ( US, AUS, bad-paintings , firerecords ) play a gig!!! All for £3. Monday May 12th. Starts at 8pm, tdt hq on Arundel St. Sheffield. Email for directional information.

 disclaimer: I don’t own a Rolex. I do however own lots of records that I will happily swap for things.


Sweet new street art at Tye Die Tapes!

Interesting new direction for the art at the studio.

Apologies to faunagraphic for our previous outburst!

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Artwork for our new tape Culture of the Copy on Tye Die Tapes by Katie Scott!

Out 05/05 -

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New release out on Tye Die tapes from ‘Feature’ check out Bowlegs Music Review for a stream of ‘Psalms’ and preorder the tape from

Next tye die gig is on Sunday. It’s a matinee and kicks off at 2pm, £2 entry.

2pm - Doors

2:30pm - Radical Boy

3:30pm - Mistoa Poltsa

Happy new year everyone. I have updated the list of upcoming gigs in our header, enjoy!

▸ 11/01/2013 - The Slow Blade, Tim Holehouse, Gilmore Trail and raxil4 
▸ 12/01/2013 2pm matinee - Mistoa Poltsa, Radical Boy
▸ 05/02/2013 - Heathers, Spook School and more
▸ 16/02/2013 - Silent Front and more


Running times for tonight: 

7.45pm - Collider


9.30pm - Sky Larkin

You down?


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TDT 015


We are pleased to announce that our latest release (and our inaugural Cassette Store Day release) is Pagan Dating by Dolfinz. Hailing from Stonehaven,Dolfinz have been working hard on their lofi, grundge-ridden garage rock for a couple of years. Having toured the UK and Europe with tye die tapes alumniSlowcoaches and released records on Tuff Wax and Song by Toad, Pagan Dating represents the refinement of their craft. The release is Dolfinz’ most complete and extensive to date and features 7 tracks that clock in at over 20 minutes in total.

Stream the song ‘Resonate Darkly’ here

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Everyone Everywhere unsubscribed from my mailing list



So we’ve got a number of shows coming up at Tye Die Tapes HQ

Next up we’ve got the awesome Lab Coast over from Canada as well as our very own Pjaro playing on the 15.05.2013 at THIS

Then we’ve got Dowsing, Annabel and Collider playing on 09.06.13 at THIS

You’ll Live (US) are touring with Nai Harvest and they get to Tye Die on the 22.06.13 and are jointed by The Slow Blade HERE

Then we have The Wharves, The Rosy Crucifixion and L’Amour Des Rêves on 10.07.13 the fb even can be found… HERE

upcoming gigs at tdt hq:

31/3/13 - Dolfinz, Battery Face

5/4/13 - Fawn Spots

6/4/13 - Female Smell, Love Hurts

9/6/13 - Dowsing, Annabel, Collider

22/6/13 - You’ll Live, Nai Harvest, The Slow Blade

we’re well pleased to announce that our latest release is why is no one here i can make you alt by Sheffield two-piece pjaro (pictured above outside Lewisham 1st Bowl for your viewing pleasure).

pjaro spend their time playing ps2 (LOTR games, Brian Lara Cricket, sometimes Smash Court but they’ve gone off that a bit recently), playing in pjaro (and Collider) and just hanging out really.

The cassette is limited to 100 copies and comes in black, fluorescent green or pink. No requesting specific colours please, if I like your name then I’ll send you a pink one.


gigs at tdt hq, Arundel St:

Saturday January 12th - Your Neighbour the Liar, Carson Wells, The Slow Blade

Monday January 28th - 1994!, pjaro, (maybe) Papayer

Friday February 8th - We Came Out Like Tigers, Black Mass

Tuesday February 12th - The Black Tambourines, Best Friends