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found a few copies of Sun Sister’s R.A.W.K cassette when tidying up the tye die room, last 5 copies!

The Sun Sister tape is out!!! Click the photo to buy it!!!


It’s from the fantastic Sun Sister, They have the whole laid back dream-pop thing down to a tea.

You can stream and order your cassette from our bandcamp just click the image above!!

lots of tye die stuff happening.

Sun Sister is up next and i can’t stop listening to them, will be out at the end of this month. don’t know how to embed bandcamp stuff on here so i’ll just have to post a link, if you click on the photo it should take you to an amazing song.

we’re also doing some more Slowcoaches cassettes very soon. i don’t have a definite date but i will soon. in the meantime you can listen to the tape here: or watch their video for “54” below.

we sold out of slowcoaches tapes so thanks very much for buying them. it’s probably going to be up as a digital download at some point. in the meantime, click on kenny’s face to go and stream it.

we have more plans to do things with slowcoaches in the future because they’re our friends and we think they’re good and they’re kind enough to put up with us.

our next release is sun sister and that’s going to be ace. we’re in the process of working it out but it’s going to be so good and really fun.

i’m also thinking about putting together some bhurgeist cassettes. would anyone want one or is that a waste of an evening for me?

a text post

this is a text post because i don’t have any photos accessible. i will post some more photos or videos of our friends soon, i think i have some funny slowcoaches ones from when we went to brighton recently.

so the last releases we did were fawn spots and slowcoaches and we love them both equally (no matter what jon says). fawn spots are putting a 7” out on louder than war who are doing some stuff via southern. we’re going to hang onto slowcoaches until emi call us and then we’ll sell them for beer money.

next release is sun sister who we are totally psyched to put out. they’re completely awesome and from america and we haven’t done one by an american band for a while. the cassette will be released at the end of april. sun sister are great and we’re really excited about the release. you can hear them below.

so, we’re real excited to say that fawn spots’ cassette will come out on monday 27/2/12. it’s called gravelines (pronounced gravvurrleens) and is absolute killer. they recorded it at our place and we’ve been frantically dubbing tapes to get it done on time. a link to pre-order the tape will go up this evening, when we’ve worked out how bandcamp actually works. the track above is called paper man and is a track off the tape.

we have some other exciting news to talk about which regards the awesome band sun sister but i’ll talk about that tomorrow or the day after or something.